The women is the problem in 9 of 10 cases — reader rants

by Rod Smith

“‘Leave your husband,’ the articles say. Yes, because it is always the male of the relationship who is attributed any symptoms. I got news for you partner, in every relationship that I have ever been in it has been the woman, not the man. Oh, I know, what a hateful thing to say because all women are obviously innocent little angels. Give me a break people! In nine out of ten cases, the woman is always the problem in the relationship. Always! My present partner exhibits bad relationship habits and at the risk of my mental health and the mental health of our daughter, not to mention the nine other children that she has left to rot all over the country. Women are inconsiderate, lazy and hateful. They are selfish and have absolutely no control over their emotions. Plain and simple truth and everyone knows it. It is time to wake up people and stop hiding behind the guise of political correctness. Especially when the only humans made to sit within the legal bounds of politically correct speech is males.” (Minimal edits)

And you, sir, I bet are an absolute delight to know. In all of your ranting, did you ever consider what it is that repeatedly attracts you to such troubled women?

One Comment to “The women is the problem in 9 of 10 cases — reader rants”

  1. Wow! Funny, a few years ago I found myself at the end of a 12 year marriage with a man who was unfaithful, angry, and verbally and emotionally abused me (I didn’t see it at the time) and even I can say that I have faults and things to work on for my next relationship. I hae not yet attained the level of perfection this man clearly has.

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