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July 2, 2012

Healthy men are interested in healthy women…..

by Rod Smith

“I’m 43 years old and divorced with a child. I’ve been attracted to this man for over a year. We both work in the same place. I speak to him by saying ‘hi’ or ‘good morning.’ I don’t chase him but I look at him and walk on. Sometimes I catch him looking in my direction and he smiles. Why am I always attracted to the wrong kind of men especially married ones? Since my divorce I haven’t had much luck with men. I don’t go out I just stay home. Maybe someday I’ll find someone. Right now I’m just letting time takes its course.”

I commend you for recognizing the man is married. Attractions, as you seem to perfectly understand, do not give you permission to act. You are “holding onto yourself” despite your attractions. This is good self-management and will prove to be good for you and for your child.

While I understand your use of the colloquial “luck” with men, I’d suggest meeting the “right” man would not be a matter of luck but rather the result of your focusing on your personal development. The “right” men, men who are caring and ambitious, thoughtful and well read, are interested in women who are the same.