The slow murder of a woman……

by Rod Smith

“My husband is controlling, jealous, and an alcoholic. He has me so scared that I can’t even look another guy in the eye. I love my husband but I can’t stand living like this any more. He drinks 9-12 beers a night. His controlling is causing us to fight all the time. I always tell him that if he would relax our relationship would be happier. I hate to come home from work and walk around on eggshells. What can I do? I want out yet I know that he is a good man. He can be very loving when he wants to be but the next second he can change. I am so confused. I don’t know what to do. Can someone help me?”

You are an expert in his habits and blind to yours. Your husband is a troubled man. He is an alcoholic. He has a disease. Trying to reason with him is a waste of time. While you cooperate with his drinking and controlling ways and “walk around on eggshells” you will never be free and his deplorable ways will intensify. Secretly secure support from friends and family and move out while there is still a smidgeon of you left. You are supporting him as he slowly murders you.

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