Readers respond regarding being “Healthily Divorced”

by Rod Smith

Two readers respond….

“Thank-you so much for answering my question. Those are very helpful points. I think the most difficult part of divorce for me has been learning to ‘unlove’ my ex-husband. Only ONE of us changed our mind in our marriage. I made a commitment to love this man until death parted us. Perhaps it was further complicated by the fact that I had already lost one husband to death and this was my second marriage. But I am SO much healthier now, in every way. A new relationship is not my goal, but I would like that to happen ‘one day’. I feel that if I am healthy within myself, keep busy and have a full life, the right relationship will come along at some stage.”

“I believe that being “Healthily Divorced” is the ability to stand emotionally independent, yet having the ability to empathize and relate to those around you. Resentment and bitterness are probably the most hindering factors to being healthily divorced – it is perfectly possible to be divorced and respectful of the other party. Letting go of the blame and pain and striving towards an amicable solution in the face of difficult odds creates the foundation to being healthily divorced. Making another person miserable can never bring you happiness.”

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