He does not think of the feelings of others…..

by Rod Smith

“When my husband wants to do or say something he just goes ahead. He does not think of the feelings of others, especially mine. If he has an appointment with someone or if someone has an appointment with him he does not make an effort to be ready on time. His attitude is others can wait because he is busy. It upsets me a lot. I tell him that is not how people should be treated and he treats me the same way. He will not talk to me for days and treat me as if I am wrong. He will never ever say sorry and will remain like that until I go to him and apologize. But I can’t do this anymore.” (Shortened)

Since your husband’s behavior is clearly beyond your control, the only person left to do some changing is you. Take yourself (not him) by surprise. You cannot civilize your husband, so stop trying. You can refuse to cooperate with his selfish antics. So begin. Do whatever it takes for you to reach your full potential.

I am amazed at the volume of letters I get from women who persist in the belief that their happiness is contingent upon the cooperation of their husbands.

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