Signs of a healthy friendship…..

by Rod Smith

You, me, us -- walking the talk

1. You do all you can to avoid keeping him or her waiting, but neither of you gets bothered in the event you are kept waiting. Healthy people use “alone time” really well. In fact, they treasure it.

2. You keep short accounts, if you keep accounts at all. Healthy people are quick to forgive and to move on in the wake of conflicts and misunderstandings.

3. You sometimes, but not always, invite others to the party. You friendships are open and inviting and you want to share your best friends with many other people.

4. You can keep a confidence and you both understand the difference between a confidence and gossip. A confidence is what two people tell each other, about each other. All the rest is gossip!

5. You are made MORE you because of the friendship – you feel no need to tread softly, to minimize who and what you are, to be less, so as to not hurt your friend’s feelings.

6. You stay in touch during the week but do not interpret silence as rejection.

7. You are careful not to confuse attention or anxiety with love. Being loved by someone is not the same as having all of his or her attention, or seeing his or her anxiety spike every time you are upset or in need. It is possible to love someone and not be totally focused upon him or her or even worry about him or her.

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