You descirbed me down to the last “t”…..

by Rod Smith

Readers respond to the “Emotional nightmare” column…

“I read your column about being in an emotional nightmare. I want you to know I escaped. It took me 11 years. Amazing: I feel like you jumped into my psyche and wrote about my nasty adventure with my husband’s daughter whom I invited very nicely out of my life in January. Now she has her daddy all to herself. She thought I was the reason her daddy did not return her calls, her emails and of course told everyone who would listen that it is because of me. I should have THAT much power! The wonderful thing is that now I laugh at all the things she did. I got out of the emotional merry go round. I have no regrets that I don’t have to spend one more minute in her company unless I absolutely want to. Maybe I’ll want to in 2012. It is such a release to get rid of energy vampires. It takes courage but it’s worth it. I’m in a better place now.” (Edited)

“Your article on ‘Emotional nightmare” described me down to the last ‘T.’ It was a big shock to the system and ego.” (Extracted from longer letter)

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