It’s an emotional affair if…

by Rod Smith

Mercury / Friday

Mercury / Friday

Your “platonic” or non-sexual relationship is an emotional affair if:

1. You cannot be open with everyone all the time about the relationship.
2. You cannot welcome your spouse into every encounter.
3. You give this person more attention than you give your spouse.
4. You hide what you spend (money, time, energy) on this person.
5. You know his or her schedule in your head.
6. Time together is like filling up at an emotional gas station.
7. You become nervous (frustrated, unsettled, suspicious) when contact is unexpectedly lost and you do not know the reason.
8. You are more interested (preoccupied) in his or her life than you are in your own.
9. You know more about each other day-to-day than your respective spouses know.
10. You have “emergency” cell phone numbers only for each other.
11. You have a code or language between you that no one else understands.
12. You feel completely alive when you are together but totally lifeless, worthless, aimless, when you are out of “sync” with each other.
13. Thinking of losing this relationship feels like you’d be losing your life.
14. You have to delete Emails and text messages in case someone finds them.
15. You regret (perhaps only momentarily) important parts of your life (like being married or even having children) because these aspects seem “in the way” of this friendship.

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