Causes of emotional distress

by Rod Smith

Call me...

Call me...

1. Arrogance – it’s only a matter of time before you’ll discover you are not quite as good as you think you are.
2. Domination – makes an enemy out of those who were once in your corner.
3. Manipulation – puts people on edge and they will eventually stop trusting you.
4. Intimidation – no rational person wants to be forced into anything.
5. Jealousy – trying to hurt or endanger others or their relationships because of your felt inadequacies will make you an exile among your friends.
6. Gossip – if you spread rumors it will only be a matter of time before you will start feeling shades of paranoia.
7. Unfaithfulness – will ruin your sleeping patterns and make you suspicious of everyone.
8. Resentment and retaliation – gathering hurts, collecting damages, and waiting for the opportunity to get even or revenge will suck you dry of creative energy.
9. Rescuing others – trying to save others from the natural challenge and pain that comes with living will exhaust you beyond your wildest estimation.
10. Passivity – lounging around waiting for life to change, for your ship to come in, as if a fairy godmother is waiting in the wings to deliver you from all your woes, will drive you and all who love you to distraction.

One Comment to “Causes of emotional distress”

  1. Great lists, Rod — I have this thought on
    10. Passivity. The idea of “waiting” resonates in my spirit, not in the passive sense but waiting with expectancy. Case in point: I was offered a good job, something I needed. The night before planning to accept the offer, I had a dream in which the word WAIT spelled itself across my letter of acceptance. I fought the invisible “writer” of the word, declaring that “my ship had come in” and I was ready to board. Again, the word WAIT appeared. The next day, I was led to various scriptures, one in particular, that spoke of waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4). Subsequently, and amazingly, the waiting employer offered to wait for me. That said, after striving often to perform a good work planted by God, I was led to another scripture about letting a grain of wheat die in order to grow. I took the scripture to heart, stopped striving, and continued waiting. Without effort on my part, and several years hence, He raised up the work showing Himself to be my Provision. Fairy godmothers are no match for Him.

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