With Mother’s Day just around the corner I challenge you to:

by Rod Smith

Enrich all your mothers

Enrich all your mothers

I challenge you to do something exceptional for all your mothers (biological, adopted, step, chosen, in-law, teachers) and for any woman you have met along your life’s journey who has cared for you, be it even briefly.

When planning your gift or acknowledgment be creative, unusual, specific, and honest. Scare yourself with your own generosity of spirit and courage.

And, – you’ll know you’ve have excelled in your efforts if “Mother’s Day 2009” is engraved in the hearts of all whom you know and all whom you love because of your extraordinary actions. Yes, celebrate the one woman who gave birth to you, and the army of women who have helped fashion your life.

Finally, resist the thinking I have heard in some circles that celebrating Mother’s Day somehow alienates or offends women who are not mothers. Help the offended or potentially offended woman to see that she has, or has had a mother, whether she is herself one or not!

2 Comments to “With Mother’s Day just around the corner I challenge you to:”

  1. I love the thought of extending the celebration of Mothers to all women, this is a great suggestion, thank-you for sharing your wisdom.

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