Getting over the hurts of the past

by Rod Smith

dsc_0642Care runs deep. Its impact endures, penetrates and enhances the heart and the soul. I know it. You also know it. Remember. Re-play the moment when a teacher cared, or a coach encouraged you. Recall the times your parents showed extra care toward you in sensitive moments, and the warmth and the love and the encouragement will come tumbling back into you. The moments of care, of acceptance, of validation will revisit and inspire you once again.

Perhaps even more powerfully, moments of neglect, abandonment, hurt, rejection, and violation can enduringly do their dirty work. Quite without invitation, bad memories can flood back in to debilitate, to re-salt wounds, re-open the scars. And when a memory holds the power to knock you off your feet or land you in an uncomfortable past moment, it ought to be subject to cleansing, evaluation, and sometimes to acts of grace and forgiveness.

It is easier to love when we have been loved. Similarly, hurt people can find hurting others acceptable.

But, we are human.

We are of divine extract.

We can cooperate with our pasts, where our past have been helpful, and, (and here’s the real challenge), we are able to rise above our pasts where our pasts have left us damaged, debilitated, and in pain.

One Comment to “Getting over the hurts of the past”

  1. Rod – I am so caught by the idea that we are of divine extract, thank you. This beautifully written post expresses an extract of the abundant life. A commentator on the Book of John says Jesus turns our “death water into life wine” daily. Otherwise, we could not endure and bear so much.

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