Improving your life…

by Rod Smith

Order through link on the right

Order through link on the right

Define yourself. Let go of what is not yours. Hold what is yours with open hands. Sever yourself from electronic devices and your Internet connection for several hours, even days, each week. Go for a long walk. Read To Kill a Mockingbird even if you studied it at school. Be unpredictable. Risk more. Seek adventure above safety or balance. Give. Climb down the corporate ladder. Forgive those who hurt you. Give up being right. Affirm others. Thank others. Read Cry, The Beloved Country. Listen. Talk less. Learn, and use, people’s names. Watch the movies Bruce Almighty, Shirley Valentine, Babette’s Feast, and Billy Elliot. Forgive. Hand-write, and mail, thank you cards. Read the “Sermon on the Mount” no matter what your core religious beliefs. Stop victim thinking or behaving like one. Blaming the past, others, or negative circumstances, for your current situation, even with cause, is seldom productive. Relinquish the idea of having the power to change those whom you love. Open the way for others to succeed. Stand in the gap for friends. Become outrageously generous. By all means, get out of yourself, and you will find, somewhat ironically, that you will be a lot more comfortable with yourself and “things” really will, – improve.

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