A husband writes…

by Rod Smith

“I recently told my wife that I love her but do not feel in love with her. She took it quite well but was hurt. She told me that I was depressed and that I needed to go to the doctor. So I did and indeed I was depressed. There was another woman. I met her on a plane. I became infatuated with her. After two or three weeks of chatting with her on Facebook I came clean to my wife. I knew that what was going on in my head was not adding up. That was about six months ago. I have been in counseling for about that long. I am seeing the problem is with me. She has her problems as well like sex once every three months. We’ve gone nearly a year without sex once and six or more months several times. Still, I refuse to get a divorce. We’ve been married for nearly 12 years. We have three young girls (6, 4, and1). They are so dear to me. I believe I would rather die than see their little hearts broken. I know what that feels like. There are so many sad ending. I want a happy ending to our little story. Someway, somehow I have to fall in love with her again.” (minimal edits for word-count)

One Comment to “A husband writes…”

  1. Keep talking to her, keep trying.

    Don’t give up on her or you or your girls. You all deserve your best. Stay strong!


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