Reader writes after breakup….

by Rod Smith

“My partner and I split up after five years. We have a child (3) and were extremely happy. I always had my own life and we also shared quality time. Her flirtatious nature wasn’t obvious. After an illness, our son was 6 months old, things slowly changed. She became moodier and demanding. I set us up in new house and home, hoping that this would help her become more productive. She spent up to 5 hours online chatting while I was at work. Her fiery emotional attack-style defense appeared when I talked about it and my resentment grew. I ended up seeking some sort of fling online, which came to nothing. On day we discussed things and become closer again but it was very temporary. She became more and more venomous until I reacted and screamed at her to leave (I meant just go outside and cool down) but she moved out. I was very upset, hating both her and myself, while trying to be a strong dad for my son. My advice to anyone, if it doesn’t feel right, it most probably isn’t. Go with your gut instinct. Be honest. Always keep a part of yourself even within the tightest of relationships.” (Letter edited)

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