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September 30, 2008

Helpful starters to counter negative conversations…

by Rod Smith

1. You do not have my permission to ruin my day.
2. No matter how juicy it might be, I will not join you in gossip.
3. Sloppy manners do nothing positive for our relationship.
4. If you want to be insulting you will have to choose a willing victim.
5. Is there anything that might have pleased you today? I’d rather hear about that.
6. Please keep your complaints to yourself, or share them directly with people empowered to assist you.
7. I am sorry you are upset. I will remind you it has nothing to do with me. Your emotional well-being and your attitudes are completely up to you.
8. How do you find it possible to be so negative when such beauty surrounds you?
9. Could you please avoid swearing and cussing when I am around you? I’d rather not be exposed to your gutter-talk.
10. Are you aware that blame and resentment are the fruit of anger and unresolved issues? I’d suggest you talk with someone who can be of help to you.