Reader has strong disagreement with column about living together…

by Rod Smith

Thought it time to provide some more feedback – if only to reassure you that you are still a vital daily family read for us. (Our son’s away at University now [oh boy, yes, severe empty nest syndrome!] and we have to cut out your columns and keep them in date order neatly on his desk for his returns on vacations!)

Disagree strongly about your views on living together before marriage: we’ve recently celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, having lived together for about 9 months beforehand. An essential further commitment, we think, before taking the final, binding plunge.

Then again, we broke other societal rules too: My now wife was my secretary and we had a clandestine office affair. It soon became untenable and I had to “fire” her from the large corporation we then worked for. (She still teases me about that when in the mood, threatening legal action for sexual discrimination). Not great for productivity perhaps, but an exciting start to what’s been the most fulfilling relationship of a lifetime.

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