Do inter-faith marriages work? My girlfriend and I are from very different cultures…

by Rod Smith

My girlfriend an I are from two very different faiths, and cultures, and race groups – but we do speak the same language! We met at work and we naturally kept our relationship quiet at first knowing that our respective families would probably disapprove of our association. After two years we have both met  families on both sides and her family is more accepting of me than mine is of her. We (her family and my family) are not overly religious yet everyone warns us about marriage and says it will not work because of our many faith and cultural differences. What do you think?

I am sure there are many “inter-faith” couples who can testify to the pleasures and rewards, and the pain and the difficulties that accompany such marriages. While your faith may not seem important to you at present, matters of faith (and the contrasts between your faiths) are likely to be accentuated when weddings are planned, when babies are born and named, when schools are selected, and when children celebrate rites of passage.

Be cautious. Seek counsel from persons who represent each of your respective faiths. While all relationships are tough and require dedication, an interfaith, cross-cultural relationship might test the strength of even the most profound of romantic love.

One Comment to “Do inter-faith marriages work? My girlfriend and I are from very different cultures…”

  1. Sage advice that Rod gave!

    Interesting that you stated “but we speak the same language”. Yes, you may speak and understand the same words, however you may not speak the same language in many areas of your life’s, i.e. traditions, celebrations, after life beliefs, etc. As Rod said, these are all areas that you need to sit down and honestly explore. It is naive to believe that your “love for each other” alone will conquer all. Interfaith relationships can and do indeed work, however it takes a very honest and open channel of communication to face the realities of your differences and manage the expectations of a long term relationship with those differences in mind.
    As in any successful relationship, honesty, trust and open communication are the cornerstones.

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