Good signs when you are dating someone who is divorced…

by Rod Smith

How to know it’s “a go” when dating someone who is divorced…

  1. The former marriage has been amicably settled, and at least a full year has passed after the divorce has been final.

  2. He/she takes appropriate responsibility for the breakdown of the former marriage.

  3. He/she wants a healthy spiritual, emotional, and intellectual relationship with a diverse range of people before he/she wants to become sexually involved with any one person.

  4. He/she is involved in his/her children’s lives, and is paying his/her share of child support.

  5. He/she places a very high priority on rearing his/her own children, while at the same time is respectful of your children and your relationship with your children.

  6. He/she can conduct meaningful conversations with the former spouse regarding matters pertaining to the children.

  7. He/she is very respectful of marriage, sex, and the opposite sex, despite the breakdown of a previous marriage.

  8. He/she is not threatened by your occasional encounters with his/her former spouse or persons associated with the former marriage.

  9. He/she has deep regard for the process involved in establishing relationships, and is willing to take time to allow intimacy to properly develop.

3 Comments to “Good signs when you are dating someone who is divorced…”

  1. Rod I can understand the other points, except for 1. It sort of sounds as, if you did not have an amicable divorce, you are at fault and not dating material. Divorces are not usually amicable. I do agree with the healing time though.

  2. …… parties can finally come to terms with the marriage breakdown — of course divorce is usually not amicable……. but after healing time has passed the bitterness can subside….. this is what I mean by amicable…….

    It is not usually wise to date a person who is yet angry about the ending of a previous marriage…..


  3. How can you tell that it is a good sign and not a sign of love still lingering for his ex? I mean really. If they talk to each other 2 or 3 times a week. See each other during thier kid’s game. I think the only one i may agree with is number 1. The others, I don’t know.

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