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February 17, 2009

When you are a guest in someone’s home for a few days (or longer) …

by Rod Smith

1. Buy groceries and, after a few days, make a special meal for all to enjoy.
2. If there is a maid, pay her very well when you leave.
3. Schedule some face-to-face time with your hosts each day.
4. Don’t assume the phone or Internet is free.
5. Avoid comparing where you live (politics, economy, crime statistics, way of life) with where you are visiting.
6. Don’t discipline other people’s children, offer your hosts marriage counseling, or criticize the decor.
7. Say “please” and “thank you.”
8. Don’t invade every corner of the home. Clean up after yourself.
9. Don’t insert yourself into every conversation.
10. Create your own schedule but let your host know if you will be home for meals.
11. Realize your hosts probably have to continue with “life as usual” even if you are on holiday.
12. If you are offered use of a car ALWAYS leave it clean and FULL of gas (petrol) even if it was dirty and on empty when you first got the car.
13. Don’t complain about how expensive things are or of the lack of things you are accustomed to having.
14. Don’t ever belittle your spouse, especially in someone else’s home.
15. Leave a gift at the end of your stay.