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October 28, 2008

He’s divorcing me this week….

by Rod Smith

“I married a man two years ago and this week he is divorcing me. I brought my son (14) and he has older sons. His sons did not accept me as their mom who had died several years ago. I did everything for them to like me. His kids did nothing to integrate my son at all. My husband is a lovely, kind man who never raised his voice and does not like confrontation. When he married me, he said that he has never loved like this! If asked why he is divorcing me he says he does not love me, that home life was not right, that he still loves his wife who’s passed on, that he has nothing to live for inside of him, and he is trying to find himself. After two months (as I have moved out) he says he loves me and I am his soul mate. But he is still going ahead with the divorce. Please help.” (Edited)

As devastating as this is for you, it is time to get your focus off him and his behavior and onto you and your son. Surround yourself with a community of healthy friends (not those who will ONLY help you commiserate) and begin to plan your future.