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May 2, 2023


by Rod Smith

I hope you are learning a lot and seeing a lot and enjoying what we are doing together. 

My goals are very simple. 

I will consider myself as having done a good job if:

You live more powerfully from today than you did before by making very simple decisions to speak up more than you did before and to clarify yourself more than you did before. Self-advocacy comes with immediate feedback and rewards. Keep in mind that not everyone you know will applaud your renewed or “discovered” voice, especially those who have benefitted from your choice (known or unknown) to function at lower levels. If you are stronger on some days than you are on others do not despair, you are human. No one is highly functional everyday although we can by practice and newly formed habits improve our averages.

I have given you an overview of a subject I love and around which I have built my life. There is far more to Family Therapy and to most topics of mental health and counseling that can be covered in a week. Those of you who enjoy this particular approach to mental health and counseling will find yourselves motivated to go deeper. You’ll immerse yourselves into the readily available vast array of books and reading on this and many related topics. Try to read as much Roberta Gilbert as you can. Robeta has several books available and two that come to mind are Extraordinary Relationships and Extraordinary Leadership.

Today we will finish the 8 principles and then look at some disguised but real client family stories.

We will close the day of teaching with an overview of The Formidable Triangle. 

Your DAY 3 challenges:

  • How is  your Backbone? If it were a tank of courage is it running on empty or full? 
  • You were a creative child – what have you done with that God-given capacity? 
  • How is your Voice and are you using it for its intended purpose?