What will it take?

by Rod Smith

What will it take for you to tell your story? 

By “your story” I mean your unabridged, unedited story, the meanderings of your life, the whole truth, not only the shiny parts. 

If we are at all similar and we probably are, you may have noticed our propensity to play the well-worn tracks, the golden-oldies, we speak of those areas of our lives and they come out well-rehearsed, cute lines, anecdotes that flow with ease, often with intent to impress. With these areas of our lives we are seasoned raconteurs. 

What will it take for you and I to unblock the blocked, dislodge darker areas, give the hidden areas of our lives a little light? 

When we give these parts a little airtime, allow ourselves and others to know us at deeper, unrehearsed levels, it usually – if we are careful about whom we choose as an audience – gives the opportunity to be known a little deeper and to discover something new about ourselves.

“Out of the mouths of babes,” usually refers to something cute and endearing from children. 

Out of the mouths of adults, the unrehearsed and previously unsaid, can be painful to admit and hear, but it may bring greater redemption and healing for both speaker and the carefully selected listeners.

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