Say something

by Rod Smith

If you must say something make it loving and beautiful and accurate, unless you’re making up a story for a child then make it wild, wonderful and full of mystery, myth and energy.

If you say something try to be affirming with the knowledge that everything you say exposes your inner-world given that we love, see and speak to a world not as it is, but as we are.

If you say something try to avoid “you need,” and “you must,” and “you ought” when addressing adults as if you’re more qualified at life and living than they are. Yes, of course it’s ok to recommend things but you know full well when suggestions dress up as manipulations, as coercion, as willing another, arm-wrestling another, into a preferred shape or form.

If you say something, before it leaves your mouth check if it’s good seed and may grow or stone and may wound on reaching your intended audience. While you’re at it, run it through your grandmother’s filter who probably told you you never need to swear or blaspheme.

If you must say something, consider briefly if what you want to say may require an apology in the near or distant future.

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