If you can be anything you want to be….

by Rod Smith

In a world where you and I and children are often told we can be anything we want to be, I’d suggest we all:

  • Be kind to others, aware of others, and make room in our hearts for those who are less fortunate than we are, understanding that “less fortunate” may (or may not) have to do with money and opportunity. 
  • Be assertive, be clear about what we need and what we will and we will not do while understanding that being assertive is not the same as being stubborn.
  • Be generous with our time and resources by doing our part to empower others when and where it is possible. Promoting others ahead of ourselves almost always results in rewards that come in beautiful and unexpected ways.
  • Be as prepared as possible for our daily tasks and for achieving our short and long term goals. Doing our homework will not only save a lot of time and energy and probably money, it is respectful to those with whom we will need to interact. 
  • Be forgiving. Very few people – although there are some – intend to hurt others. May we offer a wide berth to the failings and frailties of others given that we may find the need for similar treatment from others. 
  • Be inclusive with others by reaching out beyond our established circles and established routines.

One Comment to “If you can be anything you want to be….”

  1. Very inspirational and well said!

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