Fear, anxiety

by Rod Smith

You may have noticed that when you are fearful and anxious – I am not referring to situational fear and anxiety that subsides the minute an immediate threat disappears – but to fearfulness and anxiety as a way of life, you probably don’t make the best decisions.

These emotions run deep. They color our world. They pervert perceptions. 

Fear disturbs sleep. Anxiety distances us from the people we most love. Together they can drive us to erratic behaviors and lead to harmful decisions. 

Fear and anxiety trigger fight or flight responses as a way of life and be so entrenched in our psyches we think it is just the way we are. 

It is not.

It doesn’t have to be.    

Listening, really listening, listening to one’s own life is a necessary skill and an art that can be learned and practiced. It can become one of our greatest gifts we are able to offer others. 

It takes time, discipline, commitment and it possesses the power to reduce anxiety and fearfulness within ourselves and others. 

Sit with your anxiety and fear. 

Using a pencil and paper chart as much as you are able. 

Write the truth about your fears and the origin of your anxieties as you are able and you may achieve some distance, objectivity, even some freedom. 

I know it works. 

I have used the technique for years and seen it set many clients free.

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