Client “conversions” I welcome

by Rod Smith

The elevation of the therapist – placing a therapist on a pedestal – converted to regarding the therapist as a man or woman with professional training who is also regularly challenged by life and relationships.

The search for a key, a silver bullet, a set of steps, a formula for success to “fix” life’s problems and dilemmas – converted to appreciating the beautiful opportunities for growth and insight and understanding; the appreciation that a “fixed” life is an illusion and, even if it were possible, it probably wouldn’t be much fun.

The belief in linear, cause and effect, family and personal issues – converted to the understanding that all things are connected, that all relationships impact all relationships, that human life and community is far more complex and beautiful than the result of an endless series of chain reactions.

The belief that undesirable adult circumstances are the direct result of poor parenting – converted to seeing that parenting is an important part – but only a part – of how things turn out for our children when they become adults.

The essential progress from blame and accusations – converted to “what’s my role in this?” and “how may I respond in new ways to open new paths rather than resort to playing a worthless blame game?”

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