by Rod Smith

Love always looks like love. It doesn’t dress in other fancy clothes or pretends it is something else. It always leads to light, ultimately to fewer complications, to greater expressions of art and goodwill and freedom and beautiful humor. It doesn’t manipulate or dominate or intimidate. It doesn’t have to. Love is open with its goals and agendas and dreams and visions. 

Love trusts. Love lets you in, doesn’t shut you out. Love speaks its mind but does so with care and kindness, even if the truth is tough to express. Love learns. Love does all it can to not repeat mistakes and repeat hurtful behaviors. 

Love shares. Love includes. Love reaches out. Love listens and responds. Love offers room for others to think and to feel. Love gives room for others to be free and to make mistakes. Love covers, love welcomes.

Love accepts others and forgives others but it also self-protects. Love is not afraid to say no. Love doesn’t go along with everything. Love is unafraid of declaring strong and healthy boundaries. Love has no elements of jealousy or possessiveness or a desire to seclude you from the others whom you love. Love always makes you free, free to explore, free to enjoy others especially within the confines and commitments of integrity and family.

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