How to ensure you have a great day….

by Rod Smith

Please, do not underestimate your power to spread goodwill and ensure for yourself, at least, a really good day. There are people who are committed to having a bad day no matter what so leave them to it. Get out of their way. Allow them all the room in the world for their negativity, but, for you, a good day is really possible.

Decide to serve others. Look for ways to ease the load others must carry and you will find yourself feeling remarkably free. 

Seek “downward mobility” and do the things you’ve somehow thought below your status, no matter how important you may think you are or have led others to believe how important you are. Your self-importance is an illusion. Get used to it.

Seek to listen to others and to hear others. I am sure you are aware that everyone is a walking and talking miracle no matter how much they may try to hide or deny it. Enter their miracle and you will be thrilled as will they.

Seek to learn from others and you will discover wisdom and humor and insight for your daily living in the most unusual and unexpected places.

Seek to be a source of mercy and in so doing you will become a person offering safety and healing.

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