Facing tough decisions? Conflict?

by Rod Smith

Facing tough or difficult decisions? Facing conflict with people whom you love? 

  • Do what is possible, be kind, be assertive, act within your budget, and then, let the rest take care of itself.
  • Do not explain, try to justify yourself or others, excuse, attack or chase others, and then, let the rest take care of itself.
  • Be as playful as possible – some circumstances need a little mirth and humor – without being flippant or dismissive and then, let the rest take care of itself. There are circumstances, of course, where playfulness is inappropriate. Know the difference.
  • Make no heroes of others, and take no victims, in all that you decide to do, and then, let the rest take care of itself. Healthy people value their own freedom and the freedom of others.
  • Avoid unnecessarily provoking so-called “sleeping dogs” like long-past arguments or long-forgotten scores. Some things are best left undisturbed. Some things must be disturbed. Know the difference.
  • Remember that how you treat others is always about you and reflects the kind of person you are. If you are a “changed person” then the change will be demonstrated in all of your relationships and not a select few relationships. Real change impacts all our relationships and not only those where we endured or inflicted pain

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