Stutter and other fears

by Rod Smith

People who have read my work probably don’t know that I am a chronic stutterer. 

Chronic does not mean I always stutter. It means it is always a possibility and it is managed, not cured. 

The occasional person who has known me a long time will ask how I got over it.

My plan of attack became an approach for many issues I have faced. 

Please, insert your own issue or fear, and I hope you will find this helpful.  

I read as much as I could about stuttering. Then, I moved from the research and wrote honestly, even brutally about my experiences. 

As much as possible, I became an expert about my issue. 

This exercise took a few months and did wonders for the scared little boy within me.  

These were the keys: Be brutally honest. Look issues in the eye. Address scary things head-on. Difficult and scary situations might not go away but they will back down. 

If whatever it is, digs in its heels, don’t back down. 

Remind yourself that you are much more than a stutter. 

Put yourself at ease by talking about the very thing that is difficult at the moment. 

Make a plan. Be prepared. Become a resource for others

Does this approach always work? 

Of course not.

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