Things that usually reduce anxiety

by Rod Smith

Reconnect in person with old friends and family with whom you have really good memories and do a little re-living the past together. Try not to venture into gossip or into unresolved areas of conflict. Recalling the good times is soul-soothing.

Rearrange a room or two in  your home. Do a little deep cleaning at the same time. Get rid of clutter and things you know you will never use again. Sometimes you have to focus on making your space as beautiful as possible. Doing so is likely to ease your mind of anxious activity. 

Write about your life in short vignettes capturing moments that are important to you. Allow the vignettes to lead into each other like stepping stones across a pond. Don’t be overly concerned about grammar until you are well into the process and even then remind yourself you are writing for yourself. It is the process of recalling and writing that is important. 

Make phone calls to people who have loved you and those whom you have loved and express your thanks. Prepare for the calls so that you do not get hooked into unresolved matters or gossip. You are calling to express your love and your thanks and that is it.

2 Comments to “Things that usually reduce anxiety”

  1. Thank you, Rod,

    Appreciate the suggestions.

  2. My joy – I am always ready to hear you, Lisa.

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