by Rod Smith

Yesterday I wrote about being “crystal clear and forthright about expectations in all areas of your life” to limit the amount of “having to clear things up later.” 

Most of us have been in situations where we find ourselves saying, “I should have spoken up.”

I have tended to avoid certain areas of conversation in the belief that I won’t get what I want if I’m seen as overly demanding. What I see in retrospect is that people value “upfrontness.”

I have recently had to interview a list of potential employees for a particular role and had several highly qualified candidates.

One person stood out.

She had done an amazing amount of research and could show me how much the job was worth and why she was probably ahead of all the candidates who applied.

Not only that, when I made her an offer she came back to me to talk about the culture of our organization and how I perceived she may or may not fit in.

The interview process revealed what it would be like to work closely with her.

Three years later I confess she was an excellent hire.

Her forthrightness has paid off for her and for our organization.

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