Hard lessons for my sons (and for me):

by Rod Smith

Hard earned lessons I’m trying to learn and teach:

When push comes to shove all you have is your word and your integrity. Treasure both. Sadly you will discover that some people are not as committed to honesty and integrity as they may declare and you may think. Everything has a price and for some even their honesty and integrity has a price tag.

Try to be crystal clear and forthright about expectations in all areas of your life. The more you leave to trust and to chance the more potential you will face in having to clear things up later. Remember, we all teach others how to treat us.

Don’t begin or dabble or test out behaviors and potential habits others are trying to stop. Surely this is one way we can learn from others. If seeing the pain an addict experiences trying to get his or her life back together after years of addiction doesn’t teach you, what will teach or show you? Learn from others, even their pain, actually, especially their pain.

Acknowledge that you are as prone to error and to lapses and to your own weaknesses as any person. You will never meet the day when you yourself are not vulnerable to common human failings and frailties. Embrace necessary, appropriate humility.

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