How to know you’re growing

by Rod Smith

How to know you’re growing: Old hurts, painful memories, become less powerful in their capacity to shape your life. Some members of your family say you are meddling, others call you selfish, when all you want is to occupy the driver’s seat of your life. As you have assumed appropriate responsibility for yourself you’ve experienced deeper connection with others but now it’s by choice, not obligation or guilt. You have new insights into what you can and cannot control, can and cannot change. To your surprise you have stopped thinking, feeling, speaking on behalf of other adults, all of whom do not need your help to accomplish these fundamental adult human callings. You resist the urge to tell others what they need, should or must do, think or believe. You are learning to stop asking questions of others, even of God, that you have not diligently first tried to answer. The difference between “I” and “we” and the appropriate use of each is getting clearer and clearer. You are undergoing a renaissance and you are almost fearful at the prospect of discovering the truth of what it means to be wonderfully made. Insights into who you are created to be fill you with feelings of wonder and humility.

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