A reader writes

by Rod Smith

Every morning at 7am Monday to Friday I sit in a small coffee shop north of Durban SA reading your column, sometimes in full agreement, sometimes in total disagreement, but always open to new insights, advice and good thoughts. I wish I was better in so many ways ….. swearing, temper, my attitude, and could implement your training, planning, and ‘do good attitude’ but I live in the real world with real challenges both internal and external for whatever reason. I am getting better. I am trying harder and with daily reflection, daily reminders the world can be a better place at least in my environment, thanks to your input. Huge thanks from sunny South Africa.”

This letter made my day. You, sir, are exactly my target audience. You are who I imagine I am writing to sometimes when I open my computer. So, thank you. I would like to join you one morning for that cup of coffee and a chat about where we agree, and don’t. Please keep in mind that I am also trying to do better in my life and I am happy to be on this journey with you, even though we are oceans apart. This too, is the real world even though the challenges may be quite different.

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