Growing up?

by Rod Smith

To my treasured audience of younger men and women.

How do you know you are growing up? 

  • You clean up after yourself so others don’t have to. You are aware of the impact your life has on others and try to ease their load.
  • You are interested in other people and what they do and how they spend their days. You express that interest and listen when they tell you.
  • You are saving as much money as you are able. You have done some research into the best ways to save. You have a plan and you are sticking to it.
  • You are learning to monitor what you say, what you agree to do, what you agree not to do. You know words have consequences and you are trying to monitor how you use them. 
  • You are learning to “switch places” with others in your head. You ask yourself how this other person feels, thinks, sees life. You assess how much or how little you’d like to be this other person – whoever he or she is – and behave accordingly.
  • You know how to take responsibility for yourself and are quick to offer a sincere apology when necessary.     

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