Loving yourself is a rather good idea

by Rod Smith

It’s your longest relationship. You might as well enjoy it. 

Given that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” what’s NOT to love? You are a highly complex and powerful person, capable of so much. 

Besides, rejecting yourself is draining, tiresome work and naturally flows into rejecting others. 

Love all-round rejuvenates all-round.

Loving yourself will give others a fighting chance to love you. Someone has to lead the way. Besides, if you don’t love who you are how will you possibly expect me to? Loving yourself makes you nicer and easier to be with. It is so much more fun to be around a self-assured, self-aware person. Loving yourself makes you safe. 

Self-loathing people are short fused, quickly triggered.

Loving yourself will help you see others more clearly, especially your immediate and extended family. Your family traits, urges, passions,  will become clearer to you and you will want to embrace them, not fight them off. Appropriate self-love transforms your every perception and how you see and treat everyone and everything. Inner conditions are contagious and others reap the benefits or feel the sting of what’s going on inside you.  

Loving yourself is a prerequisite for loving anyone and anything.

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