Things not to lose

by Rod Smith

Losing your glasses or wallet, keys, or phone can be distressing but they can all be replaced. 

I ache we not to lose the following: 


That which separates you from others. Don’t permit the erosion of what makes you distinctly beautiful. Finding your unique form after submitting to the pervasive and grinding pressure to conform can be a tough task and, once you lose it, you may forget it ever existed. It may be impossible to reclaim.


Don’t lose your voice, not for love or money. Express your unique take on the world, let others know what you think, keep saying what you see. If you ignore or stop using your voice others will write their script into your avoidance or silence. 


Your sense of humor, hold onto it. This is the invaluable asset to laugh at yourself. Healthy humor spreads wildfire grace. It’s among your most powerful attributes for your own sake, let alone the joy it can bring to those who love you.


This is your capacity to show up, stand up, and speak up for yourself and for those who, for whatever sad reasons, cannot speak up for themselves. Don’t lose it. Spineless-ness abounds. Filleted men and women run countries, corporations, and churches, and are often paraded as examples of humility.

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