Agents of Grace

by Rod Smith

Grace is easier to speak, write, and preach about than it is to embody. 

But, nonetheless, it is essential for healthy living. It’s crucial for the building of strong families, the well-being of places of worship, and the prosperity of healthy businesses, schools, hospitals, and everywhere people work together.

Grace helps me resist the need to be right or rewarded. It helps me resist the desire for pay-back or revenge. It assists me to forgive, turn the page, move on, let go. It allows me to see that others are as fallible and I am. Grace empowers me to live with an open hand rather than a clenched fist. When operating in the power of divine grace I can forgive others, even if forgiveness is not requested or deserved. I can write off debts, even offering gifts in place of the repayment of the debt.

At its best a man or woman of grace seeks to enrich the lives of those who seek to hurt or damage him or her. 

Grace is evidence of divine intervention, growth, goodness, and spiritual maturity

It remains easier to write, preach, and argue about grace than it is to extend it at every turn, which, of course, is all the more reason to try.

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