On a personal note

by Rod Smith

Yesterday was quite a day.

I had the joy of teaching Bible Study in the morning and then drove to Hagerstown for an eye appointment with Dr. Taylor Walden only to be told what had occurred could be “sight threatening” and needed to be attended to immediately in Indianapolis.

What “occurred” was that at 4pm on Monday of this week it felt and looked as if a hairball or dustball was caught in front of my left eye and was distorting my vision. I could move it around at will by moving my eyes but I could not move it away. I even had a shower to try to wash it away, convinced it was something dangling in front of my eye.

In response to Dr. Walden’s instructions Whit kindly gave up his day and drove me to Indy.

After three “stations” of preparation and tests I was finally administered laser surgery in my left eye to “barricade” the tear in the vitreous gel and secure the tear from spreading.

This involved no pain or even discomfort. For those who have not had this is like having your eye intentionally struck by a lightning bolt several times and that is what it looked like as well.

I was pleased to be home and take the dogs for a walk.

Thanks for your love and support.

I am up and running and looking forward to a day of sermon and service preparation given that I am now a day behind.

Dr. Walden (who frequently attends PFNC – often sitting upstairs) could not have been more kind or efficient.

Rod Smith


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