Things that happen gradually

by Rod Smith

Things that happen gradually 

You watch your first-born infant son move through stages until he is crawling then walking and before you can say boo to a goose he’s graduating from university and earning more money than you dreamed of in a first job.

You watch your second born wake in his crib and ferry him around straddled between your wrist and your elbow – perhaps like you’d carry a football  – and the next thing he’s striding back and forth on a football field with dozens of other large young men getting ready for the coming season.

You hear a middle-of-the-night whimper from an adjacent bedroom and the boy is apparently not feeling well and you are both going to be up all night and then the fever subsides and then it is he that is checking on you and texting and calling from his home that he hopes you will have a wonderful day.

There were times you wondered if the boys would ever get along like you hoped brothers would and discover when they do get a full day together they go skateboarding at old haunts and pick up dinners you’d get for them when they were much younger and rejoice that it is all happening without you.

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