Leadership – time for learning new lessons

by Rod Smith

Monday challenge

If you lead anything you’re probably feeling substantial stress. Until now almost all stressful circumstances have arisen from known sources, or were self-perpetuated, or have been in-house predicaments. As difficult as past issues have been you could get your head around the problem and make a plan. 

With COVID19 it’s the vast unknowns, its potential to be so intimately dangerous, that is stressful. COVID19 is challenging our common understanding about leadership and has demanded shifts in how we have traditionally led and exposing the power of unintended consequences for everything from families to governments. 

As a leader you may think you’re crossing over into an unscripted remake and unfinished sequel of Lord of the Flies.

  • Give yourself room to think, permission to be wrong, time for open discussions and reassessments. Anger, authoritarianism, certainty, will not deliver you from this pandemic.
  • Remain, communicative with those whom you love. Don’t let the prevalent cultural and political anxieties divide you. People you love are not the problem.
  • Go quietly. There is already enough noise. Don’t add to it. Learn things about yourself only difficult authentic circumstances can teach. Remember, you can’t learn what you think you already know or if you think everyone else is an idiot. 

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