Want to see a miracle?

by Rod Smith

Miracles are everywhere. 

If you have the eyes and ears for them they come at you from all directions. 

Look across the room at that person with whom you have shared life for decades – and you are still friends – most of the time. 

That’s a miracle. When people get along, well almost, for many years is truly a miracle. 

You know how difficult people can be. 

That friend you have had since your earliest years in school and have still kept in contact? That’s a miracle. 

Look at the pictures of your children when they were babies and look at them now. Do you need more evidence that miracles happen?  

A miracle is when we have truly important and valuable accomplishments and experiences because we have invested for a long time: a fine education, long-term friendships, relationships with people who have taught you about love, responsibility, and forgiveness. 

The best miracles are when we have been an integral part of its unfolding or emerging. 

True miracles do this. They engage us in the process. They involve us in the work. They don’t happen to us. They happen with us.

How much fun would it be if you woke up one day and your flower garden was perfect without your help and hard work? It’s a nice idea, perhaps!  

The miracle is in your involvement.

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