As an adult……

by Rod Smith

Unless you are in a coma or have a diagnosed psychiatric condition, as an adult you are always responsible for:

  • What comes out of your mouth –  your words, curses, blaming, expressions of anger, spreading joy, and the beautiful acts of encouraging others.
  • What goes into your mouth: food (healthy, unhealthy), alcohol, drugs (legal, illegal) and whatever you may choose to smoke. 
  • What you do with your heart – who you give it to and from whom you withhold it.
  • What you do with your hands – how hard you work (or not) and what you give and take (legally,  illegally). 
  • Your personal boundaries, personal space – who you let in or keep out, much you will or will not reveal about yourself. 
  • What you do with your head, your mind, your thinking – if you live in eternal regret or if you look ahead and plan a greater future than your past.
  • Where you aim your spirit and soul – for some it is money, prestige, influence and for some it is to serve others. The occasional person can do both. 
  • What you do with your money – if you are rich or if you are in a financial struggle, until you take necessary power over your finances it will have power over you.      

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