by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Wednesday

Take nothing not legitimately yours…..

Most of us do not need to be reminded not to steal. Such values are burned into us from very early childhood.

There are other ways to steal.

I see people (and I see it in me) assuming power, control, influence, and seeking information not intended for them.

Such “theft” – or over-functioning, is often applauded, even considered spiritual.

When people assume control, power, or seek information and influence that it not legitimately theirs, it results in others not having to take responsibility for themselves and burnout for he or she who thus over-functions.

Here are a few clues to such behavior:

· Doing someone else’s work just to be sure it gets done

· Following up – making sure something is done even if it’s someone else’s responsibility

· Asking questions about things that are none of your business

· Spreading half-truths or lies to steer things

· Backseat driving – in and out of a car – even if there’s no car

· Disciplining other people’s children (covertly or overtly) without the authority or role to do so

· “Running” things that are not yours to run.

Assume all legitimate power, control, and influence when it comes to you and your family and your work and your roles in every aspect of your life.

Leave all the rest alone.

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