Challenges of Close-distance relationships

by Rod Smith

• You trip over each other no matter what size your living space. It seems urgently necessary to make a schedule for who can be in the kitchen (bathroom, laundry) at what times and for how long. When it’s vacant and you go in, suddenly everyone wants the space at the same time, dog included.

• Under lockdown your eyes become magnifying glasses, enlarging everything. The way he chews his food; the ways she sips her coffee; the way the children leave things open; how she chews ice; how he breathes when asleep; how the children leave stuff everywhere – everything gets magnified and amplified. You get sizzle eyes.

• Things get very personal. You become experts in hearing something behind everything that is said and not said. Whispers can sound like screams especially if the content can be perceived as criticism.

• The slippery slide – of making everything into a catastrophe – becomes really steep and it’s easy to think the sky really is falling.

Rejoice if any of this is even momentarily true for you and your family. You are on a wonderful journey to loving each other in ways you never heretofore imagined.

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