Healthy Habits #5

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Friday 01-30-2020

Healthy Habits for a Fabulous Week #5

Be committed to listening and learning.

There is something to learn and hear from every encounter and within every environment if you have the heart, mind, and ears for it. 

Try it. Just for today. Try it, even if it is only for the next hour.

To begin to learn and to hear you (we, always we) will require a determined effort to slow down and embrace the following attitudes.

I acknowledge:

  • I have more to learn than I have to teach, no matter what the topic, circumstance, and no matter how learned, qualified, or skilled I may already be. 
  • I can learn something from anyone no matter how unskilled or unlearned they may be or I may perceive them to be. 
  • Some things I think to be true are not; some things I think are untrue are true and there is quite a lot “in the middle” of most extremes. 
  • I am open to new insights, new ways of seeing the world, and new ways of thinking. I will be aware of other possibilities, not only those that support my already established thoughts, feelings, theologies, and philosophies.

I am coming to South Africa for almost two weeks: March 2 – 6, 2020 (Worcester) and March 7-13, 2020 (Durban, KZN). I will be happy to speak at your church, school, or event. 

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