Healthy Habits #4

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Thursday

Healthy Habits for a Fabulous Week #4

Arrange your starting blocks.

Decide how you will behave ahead of time and before you have to.

I try to “breathe in” default conditions, modes of operation, ways of being – just for today, for this morning, this moment, whatever period of time I think I can handle.

Starting blocks:

• Offer forgiveness. It will be absolute, even if undeserved and for all.
• Offer generosity. I will give, be open, and make room for ideas and for others.
• Be responsive. I will look ahead, initiate, and imagine helpful, creative possibilities.
• Offer hospitality. I’ll be open to friends and strangers, short and long-term.

I know from many years of trying that it is difficult but we have to start somewhere or pick up where we left off.

Like all good starting blocks they stimulate the possibility of success, and success will breed more success.

While we are not divine, these starting blocks certainly are.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling really good about the world and everything in it when you try to live this way, no matter how tough and challenging it may be.

[I will be in KZN for 5 days beginning March 7, 2020. I would love to come and speak at your school, church, or event. Please contact me if you have any interest.]

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