How to be good

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Tuesday

How to be good – a personal challenge for you, and especially for me…

1. Focus on your most immediate relationships. Do the kind thing, the right thing, and the honest thing, with the people closest to you. No one can be really good if he or she is only good to the people whom he or she knows only casually. It is easy to come off to strangers as a great or wonderful person when at the same time you are treating those who live and work with you with less than perfect respect. Being good begins at home.

2. Focus on being faithful to yourself and others. This is more than honesty, sexual fidelity, or financial integrity. It’s about all that AND it’s about protecting the reputations of others, standing up for what is right. It’s speaking up about matters of justice at times when it is much easier to remain silent and anonymous or remain out of the fray. Faithfulness is a heart condition.

3. Focus on setting the trend, on determining the tone, on deciding to lead in precarious or difficult situations. Lead, rather take your cue from others, or allow people’s seemingly natural negativity to determine your responses. Leading anything, especially for goodness’s sake, takes remarkable courage.

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