Beautiful people everywhere

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

Look at the beautiful people all around you. You are sharing space and life with living miracles, just as they are sharing life with you.

You are, if you are anything like 98% of the people I know, free, brave, resilient, determined, compassionate, kind, funny, and generous.

Rich, poor, young or elderly, full of young life, or suffering from long-term illness, it is my overwhelming experience that:

• Every human has eternity etched into his or her heart and bears the stamp and resemblance of a loving and compassionate God. He or she is a work of grace and an example of divine, dynamic Art.

Look closely, it is so.

• Every human wants due recognition for his or her efforts, has talents that can be used for the common good. He or she wants to make a positive difference in his or her surrounds and beyond.

Do your part to empower and get out of the way.

• Every human is a convergence of successes, failures, losses, and gains, and is facing or denying his or her struggles. He or she has un-cried tears from abandonments, unwanted events, scars from the selfishness of others, or memories often too frightening to face.

Be the ear, be the shoulder, be someone’s answer to prayer. Be part of the beauty in every manner possible.

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